Your startup needs money?

Financial Lifecycle Planning

We assess the financial needs of your company and identify the appropriate funding sources for you. 

Secure public and private funds

We write your grant applications and negotiate the right deals with the VCs on your behalf. And much more!

How it works

First of all, we have a chat about the status of your company and check your existing financial plans. If they need to be revised, we will do so with you. After that, we define the strategy to secure the appropriate funding for your company. All YES!Delft companies can receive this service for free! 

If you decide to give us the mandate to negotiate with VCs or write grants for you, we will charge you a small success fee (below market price) only once you receive the funds. This fee helps us to expand and extend our services, so that you and the other YES!Delft startups can use YES!Funded in the future.


Jan Geert van Hall

A former top manager at KPN and CFO of several tech companies. Over 30 years of experience at your service.


An experienced professional in (corporate) venture capital, M&A (at Philips) and startups. 

Carola Torrente

A fresh graduate with plenty of energy sourcing for the perfect deals for startups and investors. 

Joost Dorhout Mees

A fresh graduate helping startups becoming investors ready. 



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