End to end funding support

YES!Funded helps startups getting investor ready and making their funding plan, matches them with our investor network, and supports them in deal making, both with private and public funding.

What we do

Getting funded as a startup can be a very tiresome and inefficient process. Not only you need to have a clear view of the funding instruments landscape, but also an understanding of what your needs are and which instruments best match them. YES!Funded supports you in getting your lifecycle financial planning on point and offers you end to end support in getting funded.

  • Make sure your company’s financial plan is on point with our investor readiness program.
  • Get access to the YES!Funded investor ecosystem, made by formals and informals, public institutions and banks.
  • Get support from 40+ years of experience in supporting you with executing your financial plan, grant writing, structuring deals and getting you the best conditions as a startup.

How we do it

Investor Readiness Program

The YES!Funded team runs the IRP: a 10-weeks program at the end of which you will have all the tools to be attractive in the eyes of investors and to obtain the necessary funds to rocket-launch your startup.

At the end of each IRP there is an Investor Day where YES!Funded matches you with the right investor within our 200= investors network


Having a funding plan is not enough, you need to execute it! Neither it is getting a term sheet, you need to negotiate!

YES!Funded offers consultancy work both in the public funding sphere with grants writing and above-average high success fee, and in the private funding, making sure you get the right deal and that it is well structured.

Start with the right tools

Get access to a complete overview of the different instruments available for funding your company and tips from our Investment Director Jan Geert van Hall

Companies we work with


“The support and expertise from the YES!Funded team has been incredibly valuable. They understood my needs and helped me to get in touch with the right investment funds- the whole process with YES!Funded was much more efficient than it would have been, had I done this by myself.”

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Fundsup offers Yes!Delft founders efficient access to capital by data-driven matchmaking. The fast-growing number of screened investor members using the Fundsup app enables founders to increase their chance of being discovered by interested investors

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Join our Investor Readiness Program!

Join customized masterclasses and get access to our ecosystem! Set the foundation of your business, learn how to find and identify your customer, and gain experience with attracting funding and investors. You prepare for rapid acceleration with the help of our experts, and through workshops and one-on-one sessions.


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YES!Funded Director

Jan Geert van Hall

Investment Director

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Investment Program Manager

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